My son, Jesse, started receiving speech therapy when he was just 4 years old. His initial evaluation was eye-opening, revealing he was more delayed in speech and language development than we had thought. Since that day, the therapists at speech in the city have shown patience, dedication, compassion, and commitment to excellence that far exceeds my expectations each week, each session. Jesse shows steady improvement, which has not only improved his life, but our family’s as well.”

Sarah, a former parent

Rebecca is a wonderful and talented Speech Pathologist! We couldn’t have asked for a more supportive and knowledgeable therapist. Our son Jordan was delayed in his speech and had issues with eating. Rebecca took a hands on approach right away and began working with Jordan on his speech. She gave us constant insight along the way and provided tools we could use when she wasn’t around. Jordan’s speech exploded very quickly and he now says 20+ words at 16 months old. He mimics very well and responds to cues. Rebecca also helped with Jordan’s eating issues. He was throwing his food constantly and was a picky eater. It was confusing and frustrating as first time parents. She helped us realize his behavior was more normal than we realized and worked with him (and us) on ways to make eating more pleasant and effective. He throws his food much less now (might never be zero) and is eating more and more flavors and textures. Honestly it was just as much about Rebecca training us as helping Jordan. Rebecca is smart, professional, and joy to be around. We can’t recommend her enough!”

– Brian, a former parent

” She is young, energetic, has a great tech background and wants to work in a progressive environment with equally motivated, energetic therapists. She does so much extra work in the community outside of school and formal work hours helping all ages to access the wider world through her extensive knowledge. She has done so many extra courses in order to make sure that whomever she is working with, she is always doing her best to access them where they are at. Most importantly she has a kind, caring personality.”

– an email from one parent to another parent