” She is young, energetic, has a great tech background and wants to work in a progressive environment with equally motivated, energetic therapists. She does so much extra work in the community outside of school and formal work hours helping all ages to access the wider world through her extensive knowledge. She has done so many extra courses in order to make sure that whomever she is working with, she is always doing her best to access them where they are at. Most importantly she has a kind, caring personality.”

– email from one parent to another parent

My son, Jesse, started working with Rebecca when he was just 4 years old. His initial evaluation was eye-opening, revealing he was more delayed in speech and language development than we had thought. Since that day, Rebecca has shown patience, dedication, compassion, and commitment to excellence that far exceeds my expectations each week, each session. Jesse shows steady improvement, which has not only improved his life, but our family’s as well.”

Sarah a former parent