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To schedule an appointment please fill out the contact form on our site or send us an email. Sessions are held either in home, at our offices on the Upper East Side or Union Square or through teletherapy.

One-on-One Therapy

From ages 2 months through young adulthood, we offer personalized one on one therapy for families across New York and phone consultations for families across the world.

Happy Clients

Our clients success is our success. Review our testimonials page to how some of our clients excelled through our individualized and tailored treatment plans.

Clinical Outcomes

We are committed to help the whole patient and have partnered with many different types of doctors and therapists around the city to provide the best treatment and therapy recommendations.

Some Happy Clients

  • “We were referred to Rebecca through another therapist to help us with some feeding and speech issues we’re working on with our son, Bennett, who has CP and is on a feeding tube.  We are so incredibly grateful to have found her!  

    Right off the bat, she gave us so much new and valuable information on treatment options and therapies.  Even though we are located across the country, she took the time to help us find the right local therapists.  She is obviously very well versed in the latest therapy techniques.  We only wish we were located in New York so we could work with her in-person! But for now, she’s been an awesome resource both on the phone and via her blog and Instagram.  I would tell anyone looking for help in navigating the world of feeding and speech to make Rebecca your first call!”

    A Caring Mom

  • She is young, energetic, has a great tech background and wants to work in a progressive environment with equally motivated, energetic therapists. She does so much extra work in the community outside of school and formal work hours helping all ages to access the wider world through her extensive knowledge. She has done so many extra courses in order to make sure that whomever she is working with, she is always doing her best to access them where they are at. Most importantly she has a kind, caring personality.

    Email from one parent to another parent

  • My son, Jesse, started working with Rebecca when he was just 4 years old. His initial evaluation was eye-opening, revealing he was more delayed in speech and language development than we had thought. Since that day, Rebecca has shown patience, dedication, compassion, and commitment to excellence that far exceeds my expectations each week, each session. Jesse shows steady improvement, which has not only improved his life, but our family’s as well.”

    Sarah, a Mom and Former Client

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Speech Sound Errors in Toddlers
Uncategorized ➤ April 2, 2024

Speech Sound Errors in Toddlers

Have you ever listened to your child talk and wondered if their speech patterns are developmentally on track? If you’re curious to learn more about your child’s speech patterns and what’s considered typical, look no...

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How an NLA-Trained Speech Pathologist Works With Your Child
LANGUAGE ➤ March 18, 2024

How an NLA-Trained Speech Pathologist Works With Your Child

For children who are Gestalt Language Processors, speech therapy sessions will look differentfrom a “traditional” speech therapy approach. Speech Language Pathologists (SLP) that aretrained in Natural Language Acquisition (NLA) provide neurodiversity affirming, child-ledtherapy to children...

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Dysarthria in Children
SPEECH ➤ January 3, 2024

Dysarthria in Children

What is dysarthria? Dysarthria is not apraxia but it is also a neuromotor speech impairment associated with slow, weak, and uncoordinated speech movements. Difficulties can occur in controlling the rate, duration, and range of speech....

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Speech Sound Milestones in Children
SPEECH ➤ November 10, 2023

Speech Sound Milestones in Children

In the enchanting world of language development, children weave a rich tapestry of sounds, mastering phonemes that form the foundation of their spoken communication. During the first year of life, infants embark on a journey...

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